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Doesn't automatically jump to different characters in both buffers

Emacs 27.1 I want to find differents between 2 buffers. I use command ediff-buffers Steps: Type the n in the Ediff Control Panel Again Type the n in the Ediff Control Panel And because the line is ...
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Specify the size of a font in a fontset, but let it be scaled by `text-scale-adjust`

I want to use Inconsolata LGC's Greek with Inconsolata (plain Inconsolata has better hinting than Inconsolata LGC). I've set up a fontset (of course these are things you copy from Stack Exchange) (...
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I can't bind a key to specific commands for some reason

Why can't i remap my keys with the following command in my spacemacs init.el file? (global-set-key (kbd "C-+") 'frm-zoom-in) For some reason,it gives me the following error: Wrong type ...
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Setting the Default Zoom of An Emacs Frame (Without Stutter)?

When launching emacs, I've been manually calling (dotimes (i (or arg 15)) (spacemacs/zoom-frm-in)) to zoom the frame in 15 times over. I actually added this to a script so that it happens every ...
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Constant Font Size In `display-line-numbers-mode` When Zooming In And Out

SOLVED The atom-one-dark theme that I was using was the issue. (add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "~/.emacs.d/themes/atom-one-dark") (load-theme 'atom-one-dark t) My init.el: (menu-bar-...
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Resizing window with text scaling

I often have multiple windows in emacs. I would like to have a function that modifies the width of a window to a certain value, then scales the text such that the longest line in the buffer fits the ...
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Zoom with mouse-button + scroll wheel?

I'd like to enable changing the font size by holding down the right mouse button and using the scroll-wheel. Emacs does however treat mouse buttons as keys, so this obviously cannot be achieved ...
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scale text in eww with proportional fonts enabled

when i use eww, which is v often, coz i love reading the web by just text in a format i choose, i can scale the text (with C-x +/-) until i enable "proportional fonts" with F. it changes my display ...
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How to loop zoom-frm-in?

Every time I dock/undock I must hit 10 times M-x zoom-frm-in. Since I don't understand the dotimes example in the lisp tutorial I need to know how you would automate this task.
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How can I save the text-scale info when `desktop-save-in-desktop-dir`?

By default, even if I text-scale-decrease in some frames before I desktop-save-in-desktop-dir, when I restart Emacs and desktop-read, all frames show in the default text-scale. How can I save the ...
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How to save and restore frame zoom settings

Due to DPI differences, every time I switch between working on my laptop screen vs external display, I need to adjust frame zoom levels (SPC z f in spacemacs). I would love to be able to persist the ...
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Zooming / font sizes / text scaling has a very limited range?

I would like to increase my font size, so I used the C-x C-= keybinding, followed by = to further increase the size. However, it stops zooming far too soon, and I realized that I can only cycle ...
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Shrink/Zoom/Scale images in image-mode

With Emacs' doc-view-mode I can easily shrink/zoom/etc PDFs, however, I would like to be able to do the same thing with images. Currently when I open an image I cannot adjust the zoom level to fit it ...
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