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sh-zsh not catching any errors

emacs 29.1 flycheck 32 #!/usr/bin/zsh echo "test" ech boo C-c ! v gives Syntax checkers for buffer in sh-mode: First checker to run: sh-zsh - may enable: yes -...
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Executable image-dired-cmd-create-thumbnail-program not found on Darwin, macOS

total Emacs newbie here. When I try: M-x image-dired RET FOLDER RET The minibuffer shows this error: Executable image-dired-cmd-create-thumbnail-program not found When I check the *Messages* buffer ...
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Run latexmk inside z shell instead of shell

Problem I am using latexkm to compile .tex documents, and recently I got this error while compiling: Running `latexmk' on `AF2021_serie5' with ``latexmk -bibtex-cond -pdf -synctex=1 AF2021_serie5'' Rc ...
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org-babel: zsh sessions use bash

#+BEGIN_SRC zsh :session z1 echo $HOME $0 #+END_SRC #+RESULTS: : /Users/evar /bin/bash I am thinking of trying the workaround outlined here, but shouldn't this work out of the box? Update: I couldn'...
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Indentation of one-line zsh for loops

My EMACS (26.3) thinks the line after for i (`seq 1 10`) echo $i should be indented. Is this a bug?
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sh-script-mode: get [[ ... ]] pair expansion to automatically include whitespace?

Say you're coding a shell script and you want to write something like: if [[ "$out" =~ 'none' ]]; then return $err fi If you're just typing it out and have any of the various electric/pair ...
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Displaying a second buffer with a shell?

I would like to have a text buffer for writing to a file on the left side and a shell (zsh) on the right side for interacting with a REPL. Is that possible? At the moment I realize that with tmux ...
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Multi-term and zsh

I thinkk that finally, I managed to get a "nice" multi-term working with emacs on MAC-OSX: this is my configuration: On Emacs: ;;; my-multi-term.el --- multi-term configuration -*- lexical-binding: ...
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Open file in existing GUI Emacs from shell

I would like to set the shell EDITOR to use the existing running instance of GUI Emacs. On macOS I can type open -a Emacs file to edit file that way. But how would EDITOR look to work that way? What ...
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Use emacsclient as $EDITOR for zsh edit-command-line

I have emacsclient set as my $EDITOR. Yet, when I invoke the zsh function edit-command-line (C-x C-e) from Terminal I briefly see the Emacs frame open but then it closes immediately. How can I use ...
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Emacs incompatible with oh-my-zsh?

I'm noticing something really odd in my ansi-term windows on my new Mac, see below: I am using: GNU Emacs 27.0.50 (build 1, x86_64-apple-darwin16.7.0, NS appkit-1504.83 Version 10.12.6 (Build ...
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Setting Exec-Path When Using Zsh and Tmux

I am using Emacs 25.2 with Zsh; and I have added the following to my init.el file to set both the Path and exec-path. ;; Set shell path (defun set-shell-path () (let ((shell-path (shell-command-to-...
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Package `exec-path-from-shell` isn't setting PATH variables from `.zshenv` on MacOS

I'm running a GUI Emacs compiled from the master git branch on MacOS El Capitan. I'm using the package exec-path-from-shell to set several environment variables I have configured in my ~/.zshenv file. ...
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Terminal Buffer: error in process filter: Invalid face: unspecified

On Fedora 25 with GNU Emacs 25.1.90 (which I am running via an AppImage, you can download it from here and test out your theories as to what's wrong if you would like, remember AppImages will only ...
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emacs theme changes when i moved to zsh from bash

I recently shifted form bash to zsh and also installed ohmyz. Since then my emacs theme doesn't work. the one on the Left is how it looks in bash. On the right, when run on zsh its different. Thanks,....
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zsh in multi-term

I run zsh in multi-term. M-p and M-n allow me to jump through the input history. Is there a way to make M-p and M-n behave like up-line-or-beginning-search and down-line-or-beginning-search (jumping ...
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zsh expansion modifiers are treated as comments

zsh has a ton of syntax. In particular, the # character serves a bunch of different roles. Here are two that are problematic: Prefix globbing flags (#b)(*).c This finds all files that end in .c and ...
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How can i use a different shell in Emacs Shell?

I am currently using Zsh in my regular terminal app on my Mac OS X. However, it's heavily customized and colors don't appear properly inside Emacs. So I am thinking, I should probably use shell-mode ...
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TRAMP doesn't know some of the remote commands

I'm using my local emacs to edit files on a remote cluster. Therefore I added: [[ $TERM == "dumb" ]] && unsetopt zle && PS1='$ ' && return to my remote .zshrc and I can edit ...
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weird characters in shell mode with zsh

I recently switched to zsh (with oh-my-zsh) as my primary shell, but running the shell from emacs results in some strange (for lack of a better word) "residural" characters; however changing to bash ...
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