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Emacs on a tablet?

The Termux package from the play store includes apt packages, including a recent emacs. It is character mode, not GUI, but it is quite functional.
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Emacs on Android - org-mode - error - `(wrong-type-argument stringp (require . t-mouse))`

For the record: I have dug up the root cause for this one. It is not for ZShaolin build, but rather, for Termux build of Emacs, but the source of the broken load-history entry is the same, it's an ...
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How can I make Emacs function 'browse-url-at-point work on a tablet running Android?

Based on this adding something like this to your config should work: (advice-add 'browse-url-default-browser :override (lambda (url &rest args) (start-process-shell-...
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Android emacs font not available, for resize

First you should find out what the various font faces are through browsing the Customize drop down menus. Options > Customize Emacs > Browse Customisation Groups > Faces ... Etc Once you know ...
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"Tramp: Opening adb shell connection...failed" + extra characters ^[7 and ^[8 present

Hard to say where it comes from. The sequences look like ansi escape sequences, but they are not complete. For further analysis, I would need the complete Tramp debug buffer (tramp-verbose shall be ...
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Android manifest - find launch activity name programmatically

You can use xml.el to handle XML data. The following function should provide you with the class names you are looking for: (require 'xml) (require 'seq) (defun activity-from-manifest (manifest) (...
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How to build Emacs from sources on Termux

Latest source tarball is available from
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Windows 10, Emacs 25.1, shell: Grep not work immediately

Can't answer you directly, however for me, using GNU Emacs 25.1.1 (x86_64-w64-mingw32) of 2016-09-17 and grep c:\>grep --version grep --version GNU grep 2.5.4 c:\>dir | grep -i pro dir | ...
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How can I make Emacs function 'browse-url-at-point work on a tablet running Android?

(setq browse-url-browser-function 'browse-url-xdg-open) seems to make things open up in the right browser for me.
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android-mode can't find project root error

This problem is related to this code in android-mode.el (defmacro android-in-root (body) "Execute BODY form with project root directory as ``default-directory''. The form is not executed when no ...
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Emacs on a tablet?

I'm running GNU Emacs on an iPad in iSH - a relatively new developer app that is essentially an Alpine Linux container. iSH allows you to install Emacs using the apk package manager. Here's how to ...
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