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Have a look at the Emacs progress reporter. See the Elisp manual (info "(elisp) Progress")


Just for fun. (defun mode-line-progressbar-demo () "Displays a progressbar in the mode-line." (interactive) (let* ((mode-line-format mode-line-format) (max (window-width)) (duration 3) (delta (max 0 (/ (float duration) max))) (message "Processing")) (unwind-protect (dotimes (i max) (let* ((text ...


I think you were already very close. Starting from your code I ended up with the entry (lambda (file link) (let ((my-image (create-image file)) (tmpbuf (get-buffer-create "*gif"))) (switch-to-buffer tmpbuf) (erase-buffer) (insert-image my-image) (image-animate my-image))) for ".gif" in variable org-file-apps. I think the main ...

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