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is for AUCTeX package that extends basic `tex-mode` Emacs provides for editing TeX files. AUCTeX integrates many built-in and external macro packages for creating, editing, printing, publishing, and managing multilingual TeX documents. AUCTeX works with several TeX compilers, extensions, and dialects of TeX and LaTeX. AUCTeX supports customizable bibliographies, indexes, and tables of content.

Use the tag as a generic tag for many issues:

  • for AMS-TeX, ConTeXt, and other TeX dialects.
  • for LuaTeX, Omega, and XeTeX engines.
  • for other file types besides .tex, such as .aux, .dtx, .idx, .ind, and so on, which are part of AUCTeX's normal handling of TeX files.

Use additional tags, such as or , when appropriate.

Besides augmenting with the right tags, include the name of tool pertinent to the question using the tool's commonly known spelling: for example, bibtex, xindy, ps2pdf, RefTeX, dvips, , makeindex, etc.

Useful Links: