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(If I understand well,) the correct way to do this is to replace #+BEAMER_FRAME_LEVEL: 2 by H:2 in the global options: #+TITLE: Abandon all hope #+startup: beamer #+LaTeX_CLASS: beamer #+LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [bigger] #+options: H:2 * First page ** Stuff larifari ** second stuff larifari * Second page ** fdjsfsd larfdfj ** fjs iiinfdnf See for example here: ...


See the footnote in the Frames and Blocks in Beamer section of the Org mode manual: (1) If ‘BEAMER_ENV’ is set, Org export adds ‘B_environment’ tag to make it visible. The tag serves as a visual aid and has no semantic relevance.


The default LaTeX class can be set with #+LATEX_CLASS: article or #+LATEX_CLASS: beamer at the top of the file, so you can have them commented out: # #+LATEX_CLASS: article and select which one you want by uncommenting one or the other. This should be enough for manual export: when you automate the process, you will probably want to use a different method,...

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