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How to completely remove truncation symbol (default '$') from truncated lines when no fringes?

I found a solution by "abusing" the display table. In the below solution, msg is a string whose length is window width +1 (such as to display the truncation character). I then set the ...
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1 vote

How to use unicode character for truncation and wrap slots in the standard display table

(set-display-table-slot·buffer-display-table 'wrap ?↩) works for me, with one caveat. In a terminal the arrow shows up correctly, but in the gui (with fringe-mode turned off), the glyph is drawn with ...
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Possible to modify 'whitespace-display-mappings' at runtime?

Turning whitespace off then on worked for me. Just evaluate these two functions with M-x eval-expression or M-:: (whitespace-display-char-off) (whitespace-display-char-on)
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