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How to display two different sections of `*info*'?

You can use the clone-buffer (M-n) command. It lets you navigate through each buffer independently. <menu-bar> <Info> <Clone Info buffer> runs the command clone-buffer (found in Info-...
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How to display two different sections of `*info*'?

The trick is to change the buffer name. C-h i and don't choose anything yet. C-x 3 to split the frame into 2 windows. Focus on the window where you want the second info instance to be. Either is ...
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How to persistently move the cursor in a buffer other than the current one?

The emacs src is full of solutions to small problems like this. Check out the code for compilation-auto-jump: (defun compilation-auto-jump (buffer pos) (when (buffer-live-p buffer) (with-...
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Can't enter Gnus folder because *Group* buffer read-only

I had an error in my new set up. The old setup had (add-hook 'gnus-group-mode-hook 'gnus-topic-mode) I tried to achieve the same thing via use-package's :hook with (use-package 'gnus :config ... ...
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How to create buffer for custom source code region (e.g for each function)?

Library Narrow Indirect (narrow-indirect.el) gives you an easy way to create an indirect buffer that is a clone of the current buffer and that is narrowed to a particular portion of it. Library ...
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