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Is there a way to suppress warnings when a package is compiled in elisp?

See byte-compile-warnings: List of warnings that the byte-compiler should issue (t for almost all). Elements of the list may be: docstrings: docstrings that are too wide (longer than byte-compile-...
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Make the linter aware of autoloads for init files using package-quickstart

Original answer There is no need to handle package-quickstart specifically. What you want instead is for Flymake to inherit your running Emacs’ load path. Out of the box, Flymake uses the default ...
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Squelching all byte and native compilation warnings from batch package installation

[Not a complete answer: I don't have native compilation set up, so I cannot say anything about that part of it] I tried the following script: (message "FOO/") (require 'package) (add-to-list ...
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“assignment to free variable” warning after defvar

Before you read the answer, the problem and the answer are only helpful for those want to explicitly call the byte compiler and want to learn the detail on how lexical binding and dynamic binding ...
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