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C-h v load-history Then search the variable value (in buffer *Help*) for the library you're interested in, e.g. default.el or default.elc.


Why is byte compilation happening...? Strictly speaking no byte-compilation is happening, from the looks of it. advice--make-1 actually generates byte code directly via make-byte-code. This is obviously a low-level approach, and offhand I'm surprised to see that going on outside of compilation; but perhaps it's more common than I imagine -- I have little ...


In general, such a message appears when a user modifies a Lisp file after it has been byte-compiled. There might be as many as three types of files relating to the same library; e.g., python.el.gz (compressed archive), python.el (flat text file) and python.elc (byte-compiled file). Perhaps a user visits a library to look at how a function or variable is ...

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