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If you ever want to add shortcuts functionality where you have control over the exact behavior, it's worth learning a little emacs-lisp. This kind of functionality is trivial to write. (global-set-key (kbd "<f12>") (lambda () (interactive) ;; Keep cursor motion within this block (don't move the users cursor). (save-excursion ...


I think you're looking for which-function-mode (which is indeed a standard feature).


I recently experienced the same problem while editing Haskell and Typescript code, so I don't think irony-mode is at fault here. According to the documentation, I understand this is an expected behavior : By default Flycheck shows the error messages in the minibuffer or in a separate buffer if the minibuffer is too small to hold the whole error ...


As was pointed out by nega in the comments, I should have re-indented the file after fixing offset in my init.el file: (setq c-default-style "linux" c-basic-offset 4); <-- this changes the default value 8 to 4.

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