The function sunrise-sunset is an interactive function takes a numeric prefix argument as a parameter. It does not take the latitude and longitude as parameters, which is what you're trying to pass into it. I suggest reading this emacs wiki article as well as of course the manual itself to learn more about prefix arguments. Also checking out the interactive ...


key-binding returns a function bound to a key, which you can ten call with funcall or call-interactively, so you can define your function call-function-binded-to-key like this: (defun call-function-binded-to-key (key) (call-interactively (key-binding key)))


It looks like you can call it like this: (let ((calendar-latitude 40.1) (calendar-longitude -88.2) (calendar-location-name "Urbana, IL")) (sunrise-sunset)) This does not prompt you for the latitude and longitude, and puts a message in the minibuffer for those variable values.


I have the function now working to my satisfaction, as below, but am open to suggestions if I'm not doing things optimally. In the solution below, I use function read-file-name to prompt the user, and use condition-case to trap a user response of C-g, the quit signal, so that the default buffer file name is set for the buffer. (defun my-write-test () (...

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