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How can I find the path to an executable with Emacs Lisp?

@Sigma's answer is a good start, but it doesn't filter by executability, nor does it allow for extra suffixes. On windows, for example, running a can invoke a.exe, if that's what's in your path. So ...
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How do I require a package installed via .cask in a project

If the package has its dependencies properly declared,cask install should do all the setup that is necessary. Cask then builds the load-path automatically for you so that (require ...) statements ...
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Minimal working example of Cask project with ert-test?

Per lunaryorn's comment, Have a look at seq.el. It's a good example of a small Cask project.
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Development elisp package

You're supposed to fill in the "TODO" in the Cask file with the actual package file of your project.
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Finding packages not managed by pallet

I'm not sure wether cask really rewrites the Cask file, cause I have two (independent) installations, that both have missing entries in the Cask-file that are nevertheless installed in the .cask ...
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