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eval-buffer: Symbol's function definition is void: eieio-defclass-autoload

I ran emacs --debug-init and it pointed to the helm-ls-git package calling eieio-defclass-autoload. Removing helm-ls-git in the package manager solved the problem
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2 votes

What is the good resource for getting started using EMACS?

If your project uses cmake, cmake-ide is a good start. Or else, use company(auto completion)+counsel-gtags(code navigation)+global You can use helm-gtags instead of counsel-gtags. Both packages are ...
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Projectile: project view

neotree seems to offer the functionality you're after. It's the Emacs-y version of Vim's nerdtree and lets you see/navigate the files/sub-directories of a specific directory in tree-like fashion.
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Missing function in CEDET?

The cedet-gnu-global-version-check is defined within the cedet-global.el file, adding the (require 'cedet-global) statement solved my issue.
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Completion for variables in C using company-gtags, or not Semantic

I have followed the directions at this blog which supplements the C ide stuff by Tudho to install rtags and irony (as suggested by Dmitry) and it provides the features I asked for. I'll expand with a ...
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Ubuntu/Debian preempting me and running code before me

Before loading your locally installed package in your ~.emacs~, make sure to unload the site-wide installed package. The emacs-lisp function unload-feature is your friend. I do not which features ...
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