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Highlight prettified code

C-h v prettify-symbols-alist says that each element of the alist should be (SYMBOL . CHARACTER). Actually, it seems that what it means by SYMBOL here is not a Lisp symbol but a string that names the ...
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prettify text, escape characters

You've used a list for your CHARACTER argument, regarding which compose-region tells you: If it is a vector or list, it is a sequence of alternate characters and composition rules, where (2N)th ...
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2 votes

How to get the character representation of an integer?

Found it! The answer is simply prin1-char. Here is the help text description of it: prin1-char is a compiled Lisp function in ‘elisp-mode.el’. (prin1-char CHAR) Return a string representing CHAR as a ...
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Unicode input from keyboard (QMK) to Emacs

Here is an alternative solution that doesn't need special workarounds. This provides a function to trick emacs so that it accepts the unicode sequence: ;; enable standard linux unicode input (define-...
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