Editing Common Lisp code and working with inferior Common Lisp read-eval-print loops. Note that Emacs's Lisp dialect is not Common Lisp; for Emacs Lisp, use the tag [elisp].

Common Lisp is a dialect of Lisp that was standardized by ANSI. Note that Emacs's extension language, Emacs Lisp, is not a dialect of Common Lisp; for questions about the Emacs Lisp dialect, use the tag . Emacs has limited support for some Common Lisp features in the cl-lib library since Emacs 24.3, and in the cl library in earlier versions.

ANSI Common Lisp, the programmable programming language.

We have a Wikipedia page on Common Lisp, an online version of the ANSI Common Lisp standard and a list of recommended Common Lisp implementations. Many Lisp specific mailing lists are archived at Gmane.

Popular Common Lisp implementations

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