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I use these commands to skip words but stop around symbols, (defun reluctant-forward (&optional arg) "Skip spaces and tabs following the point, then move past all characters with the same syntax class. Do it ARG times if ARG is positive, or -ARG times in the opposite direction if ARG is negative. ARG defaults to 1." (interactive "^p&...


use-package's :init block is run before the package has been loaded. Try putting the code inside a :config block instead, like: (use-package session :config (session-initialize) (defun ... I also removed the progn, as use-package allows multiple statements in the :config block. EDIT: as requested in a comment, the desktop-save-mode use-package block: (...


A cursory look at the sources (I do not have the package installed) suggests that straight-base-dir is the operative variable: Directory in which the straight/ subdirectory is created. Defaults to `user-emacs-directory'. So customize it and see if it works.


Try setting display-buffer-alist: (add-to-list 'display-buffer-alist '((lambda (buffer action) (with-current-buffer buffer (derived-mode-p 'sql-interactive-mode))) display-buffer-at-bottom)) Or use shackle with a rule like this (setq shackle-rules '((sql-interactive-mode :select t :align 'below :size 0.25)))

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