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If you are using Windows you can run your emacs -nw within a Cygwin Mintty. Then you can use the mouse to yank/paste from/in Emacs. In default configuration simply use your mouse together with Shift key (<S-mouse-1> to yank, <S-mouse-2> button to paste). You can change the modifier key via Mintty "Options/Mouse/Modifier for overriding default".


Select the rectangle (e.g. use C-x SPC). Use this command (M-x foo) to copy the variables to the kill-ring, as the string "a_to_b, b_to_c, d_to_e, e_to_f, g_to_h": (defun foo (beg end) (interactive "r") (let ((vars (mapconcat #'identity (extract-rectangle (region-beginning) (region-end)) ", "))) (...

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