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The typical way this is done is by assigning the custom commands to keyboard shortcuts of a given major-mode; e.g., add to your Emacs init file ;; Add commands to python mode (require 'extra-python) and then either (eval-after-load "python-mode" '(progn (define-key python-mode-map [f5] 'python-insert-quote) (define-key python-mode-map [f6] 'python-...


You can get help for a particular variable via C-h v global-linum-mode. This will show you: global-linum-mode is a variable defined in ‘linum.el’. Its value is nil Documentation: Non-nil if Global Linum mode is enabled. See the ‘global-linum-mode’ command for a description of this minor mode. Setting this variable directly does not take ...

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