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3 votes

How to make dabbrev support CamelCase or a better auto-completion in java buffers

Since you seem to use dabbrev without company setting following 2 variables, could help: (setq dabbrev-case-fold-search nil dabbrev-case-replace nil) To see documentation and other possible ...
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2 votes

How can I prevent company-mode completing non-English chars?

happily got the answer from author of company-mode It's company-dabbrev-char-regexp, not -abbrev-.
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2 votes

Company duplicates

Depending on what causes the duplicates, you might be talking about, (which are actual ...
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1 vote

Automatic popup of words from the buffer using Corfu and Dabbrev

It seems the issue was with Eglot in prog mode. I had to add cape-dabbrev to eglot-managed-hook as a cape-super-capf in addition to adding cape-dabbrev to the completion-at-point-functions list. (...
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1 vote

Difference between dynamic completion and hippie expand

I can't answer the question well about comparing the two. But the doc of each should help. completion.el is very old, and the only doc for it is in that source file. completion.el works with the text ...
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1 vote

Unexpected dabbrev-expand forward completion behavior

This is on account of dabbrev--search. In your case, the pattern values are your "a" prefix followed by word/symbol-constituent characters, and reverse is nil. [...] ;;------...
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1 vote

Replace a character with a string as it is typed

This can be done using abbrev mode: ;; Hook to go back N chars after completion. (defun my-abbrev-back-4-no-self-insert () (progn (forward-char -4) t)) (put 'my-abbrev-back-4-no-self-insert '...
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1 vote

how to ignore hyphens in completion candidates using company-dabbrev backend?

I've changed company-dabbrev-char-regexp from "\sw" to "\sw...[a-zA-Z0-9-]?+". Now I can complete not only foobar, but also foo-bar.
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