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Emacs manuals are missing on Debian/Ubuntu

This is a great question! I've found the directions online to install it by hand unclear and, frankly, a bit of a pain (at least on Debian). On Debian... Emacs on Debian doesn't come with the Emacs ...
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Detect the operating system

EDIT I just now found the variable operating-system-release, which (i.c.w. system-type), I guess, comes closest to what you are looking for. However, it might be handy for you to know its value on ...
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Emacs manuals are missing on Debian/Ubuntu

Ubuntu 1. Download to your /usr/share/info directory. 2. From a terminal run update-info-dir command. 3. From emacs C-h i m Elisp (capital ...
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Cannot install emacs from official repository; missing files and dependency problems

I was able to solve it by following the guidance here Specifically, I had to keep creating trash.el files in each and every of the directories with missing files. For example sudo touch /usr/share/...
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ESS Eval Region/Load file/Eval Function button not showing on starting an R file

To get this ESS-specific Toolbar Icons in Toolbar do this ;; Recipe for `emacs -Q` (setq package-user-dir "~/.emacs.d/elpa") (package-initialize) (use-package ess-toolbar :autoload ess-...
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What does emacs want for non-ASCII keys

Adding keys requires modifications in both Emacs and TTY domains. This required coordination allows arbitrary strings for key codes but it is better to use key codes that might be recognized by other ...
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What's the right order of the settings on init file?

There are no general guidelines (other than "do things in the right order" which is not helpful), but there is one thing that you probably should NOT do in the initialization file and that is to open ...
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What's the right order of the settings on init file?

The big questions is: Why? Your init file is a software program, written in Emacs Lisp (elisp). As with any software, the order of instructions is important (at least in general). Which also means.....
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How to set up emacsclient as default editor on Debian?

I figured out why .bashrc solution didn't work. I had to actually export the variables: export EDITOR="emacsclient -nw" export VISUAL=$EDITOR I use -nw both for $EDITOR & $VISUAL since I don't ...
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