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Completion and other features of the python mode require communication between emacs and the ipython process. This communication is achieved by sending code to the interactive ipython inferior shell. These are probably the "unintentional inputs" you are sending.


This took me forever to figure out, but it turns out Spacemacs had cached a bunch of environment variables. One in particular, $XAUTHORITY, was making it so that qutebrowser wouldn't start. Manually editing my spacemacs env file and updating that variable fixed the problem.


Normally this is not how people install packages, typically if you want to use use-package, you want to specify everything inside the macro, and what you might be seeing is the spillover into helm, because it's initialised after ibuffer-sidebar. I would suggest you read up the documentation, and as an example of how to use use-package here's the version of ...


The latest project in this field (as of 2020) is Julia snail, which aims at providing development environment and REPL interaction package for Julia in the spirit of Common Lisp’s SLIME and Clojure’s CIDER. It currently supports: REPL display and interaction cross-referencing auto-completion

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