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How to disable file-local variables but leave directory-local variables enabled?

See function inhibit-local-variables-p: Return non-nil if file local variables should be ignored. This checks the file (or buffer) name against inhibit-local-variables-regexps and inhibit-local-...
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org-refile-targets as a local variable

You can set org-refile-targets as a file-local variable. For example, the default value of org-refile-targets is ((org-agenda-files :level . 1)). Here's an Org mode file which changes that default ...
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unload-feature not unloading function definitions

Like @shynur said; the file was being loaded again and again. The solution was to simply add an if statement in the .dir-locals file to check if the feature had been loaded already, using featurep. I ...
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unload-feature not unloading function definitions

Most likely because you didn't evaluate the file as follows: (load "/path/to/your-file.el") (I've tested the above code and it does work.) If you evaluate the defun form by typing C-x C-e (...
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