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DOOM Emacs: Error running hook "global-git-commit-mode" because: (void-variable transient-base-map)

It seems that some magit dependencies break with Emacs 28, as the function defvar-keymap is only added in Emacs 29. The solution is to pin an older version of the packages, as Doom currently does not ...
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Packages I never knew they existed cause problems

There was an issue with the latest straight.el commit. One way to fix it, is to update straight repo and getting latest version of straight , that ...
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Key bindings For Doom Emacs

To describe a key sequence SPC h k runs helpful-key and will describe what the key sequence does in the current context. This will take the full key sequence, e.g. SPC h k then g g , and describe what ...
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How to copy commit hash from Magit status buffer?

After I open a Magit status buffer and make a commit, I commonly also want to copy that commit's hash With vanilla Emacs bindings in the Magit status buffer: M-w (magit-copy-buffer-revision) saves ...
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how to set ranger to be default mode in dired in Doom emacs?

Doom's :emacs dired module has a +ranger flag. Enable it and run doom sync on the command line. i.e. uncomment :emacs (dired +ranger) in ~/.doom.d/init.el. Then ranger will be the default UI for dired....
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How can I get `+vterm/toggle` to popup from the right side of the screen instead of from the bottom?

Credit to @henrik: You need to use a popup rule. The default is defined here: (set-popup-rule! "^vterm" :size 0.25 :vslot -4 :select t :quit nil :ttl 0) Just add side: right and have the ...
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Couldn't resize project sidebar is doom emacs

Either set treemacs-width explicitly by adding something like (setq treemacs-width 30) to ~/.doom.d/config.el Otherwise press tw to toggle fixed-width mode in treemacs, then you can resize it. ...
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Org Roam Database Missing

The variable which you are looking is org-roam-db-location It's defined in org-roam-db.el The full path to file where the Org-roam database is stored. If this is non-nil, the Org-roam sqlite database ...
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doom emacs "Symbol's function definition is void: make-treemacs-theme"

This fixed the problem for me: ~/.emacs.d/bin/doom build Doing doom build recompiles and symlinks all installed packages. I figured this out after seeing a comment on a Github issue about this exact ...
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Why do many buffer switching commands in Doom Emacs skip over buffers that aren't visiting files? How can it be prevented?

I found that the behavior is caused by two of the functions in doom-unreal-buffer-functions and can be prevented by redefining the variable without those functions, like this: (setq doom-unreal-buffer-...
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How to copy the search result (using Swiper) from search buffer in doom emacs?

From the swiper search, type C-c C-o That will open a separate buffer with the search results. From there you can copy whatever you like just like you can from any other buffer.
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error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

TL;DR Go to path/to/.emacs.d/elpa/pdf-tools-xxx/build and run make clean to clean previously compiled contents manually. Restart emacs and let it build pdf-tools. Then, pdf-tools works again :) I ...
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Org mode tag column setting is ignored

Doom is meant to be configured via ~/.doom.d/config.el. Try setting the org-tags-column in that file. E.g.: ;; in ~/.doom.d/config.el (after! org (setq org-tags-column -80) ;; ... other org ...
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Couldn't resize project sidebar is doom emacs

I had to add these lines to my doom config in order to allow resizing via mouse to work: (setq treemacs-width 30) (setq treemacs--width-is-locked nil) (setq treemacs-width-is-initially-locked nil)
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Auto-saving after lsp refactor

That CL line is stale, I will remove it. To achieve what you want use: (add-hook 'lsp-after-apply-edits-hook (lambda (operation) (when (eq operation 'rename) (save-...
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File local variables doesn't work

As explained by @NickD, org-duration-format isn't a safe variable: (get 'org-duration-format 'safe-local-variable) ; nil So there are two ways: Set enable-local-variables to t for getting asked if ...
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No colored png icons in treemacs (Doom Emacs)

This seems to be due to a new variable added to Doom Emacs. This sets the icons to be the familiar all-the-icons set. (setq doom-themes-treemacs-theme "doom-colors")
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Capturing output scheme when executing a code block in org-mode

Find the path of ob-scheme.el, for me that is ~/.emacs.d/.local/straight/repos/org/lisp/ob-scheme.el and then in function org-babel-scheme-execute-with-geiser, change geiser-eval-region to geiser-...
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Emacs modeline and minor modes in a list

The minions package does exactly this and is, apparently, compatible with the doom modeline.
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Doom Emacs does not correctly render the colors on ssh terminal

I discussed the problem on the emacs mailing list [1] The problem was that my theme assumes 24-bit color, and my remote machine is not advertising that capability. So I followed the emacs docs https://...
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Using emacs for ruby development with asdf version manager

I think there is now an Emacs lib fixing the issue for you by setting the proper paths:
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Adding a new code formatter

In the end, putting the following in config.el worked: (set-formatter! 'erlfmt "erlfmt -" :modes '(erlang-mode))
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View a history of commands

Type C-hl to run view-lossage which will show you the last several keystrokes, and which commands they are bound to in the current buffer (which might not be the same as the commands they were bound ...
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Leave evil's insert state with Control + c

Ex-vimmer also. As Dan pointed out in the comment of OP, binding to C-c is too devastating in emacs. What I do is instead binding to C-c C-c so I can hit C-c like a crazy person to get back to normal. ...
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Opening a file from a new/different Projectile project in the same workspace in Doom Emacs

There is a variable called +workspaces-on-switch-project-behavior. Its documentation states Controls the behavior of workspaces when switching to a new project. Can be one of the following: t ...
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How to suppress the save buffer message in the minibuffer in Doom Emacs? (using Emacs 27)

I use the following to hide "Wrote ..." messages. I use regular GNU Emacs though. (defun sb/inhibit-message-call-orig-fun (orig-fun &rest args) "Hide messages appearing in ORIG-...
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User emacs has no home directory

You should look at emacs --help. The switch to use here should be "-l" instead. Additionally, you also need "-q" so that Doom's init.el won't be loaded.
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Doom Emacs -- Use a library

Add (require 'org-inlinetask) to your init.el file.
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Cannot set correct size for variable pitch font in Doom Emacs

I found the answer. Doing this does the trick: (use-package! mixed-pitch :hook (org-mode . mixed-pitch-mode) :config (setq mixed-pitch-set-heigth t) (set-face-attribute 'variable-pitch nil :...
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Doom-emacs - How to align chinese characters in org-tables

Just use Hiragino Sans GB font! (setq doom-font (font-spec :family "Source Code Pro" :size 15 :weight 'normal :width 'normal) doom-variable-pitch-font (font-spec :family "Source ...
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