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13 votes

Replace whole words only

If you provide the universal argument to replace-string, that is by pressing C-u before M-x replace-string, it only replaces matches that are surrounded by word boundaries. So, for example, a buffer ...
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shorten or control the length of url link in org mode without bitly packages

So this may not be exactly what you want but it turns the section that is underneath your point into a link that should be shorter. (defun compress-org-link (arg) (interactive "P") (let ((url (...
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2 votes

org-mode link to heading in other org-file

For 1, insert a link to a header (topic), inspired by @BrianBurns' answer, I found a more convenient solution: Go to the header of org-file, that you want to link to, M-x org-store-link (SPC n l) Go ...
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1 vote

Emacs very slow on one machine

I had this problem with emacs 24.3 on xubuntu running xfce 4.10, even for completely trivial text files It only appeared in the "xemacs" (gtk) version, it ran fine in a command shell with the DISPLAY ...
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Practical benefits of new advice system in Emacs 24.4

One thing I haven't seen mentioned here -- though in some ways it is due to the simpler approach (better modularity and "glue") of the "new" advice system, which has been mentioned in other answers -- ...
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