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Okay. I have it working now. The problem was in my attempt at a hook to set ess-set-style to RStudio automatically. Thanks to another stackoverflow topic I saw that there was a specific ess-mode-hook I should be using https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7502540/make-emacs-ess-follow-r-style-guide Modifying my init.el file with the following fixes my ...


The command M-x R is provided by the package ESS, which is available via the Melpa repository. You need to install this package before you can start the R process this way. There was a period in early 2019 when the R command was broken in ESS, but it has since been fixed, so installing the current release of ESS should restore the R command.


Some type error has occurred. Based on basically "when committing I get Wrong type argument: stringp, nil" it is very hard to know where exactly that error occurred so without you helping us help you that's all we can say. Except maybe adding general debugging advice. You should start by trying to reproduce the issue starting from emacs -Q. We provide a ...


While doing due research on this, I stumbled upon a small section in the ESS manual: The default value of ess-eval-visibly (t) means that ESS calls block Emacs until they finish. This may be undesirable, especially if commands take long to finish. Users who want input to be displayed and Emacs not to be blocked can set ess-eval-visibly to 'nowait. This ...

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