C-h f this-command-keys: this-command-keys is a built-in function in `C source code'. (this-command-keys) For more information check the manuals. Return the key sequence that invoked this command. However, if the command has called read-key-sequence, it returns the last key sequence that has been read. The value is a string or a ...


How can i achieve my goal? Should i take another approach? IIUC the problem arises from a misuse of nconc. The value of unread-command-events is often nil, in which case nconc will not alter it in-place, as there is no cdr to modify. Instead, you should probably be using push or setq to record the value change of unread-command-events. invocation of ...


self-insert-command is indeed written in C but could just as well be written in Elisp (it's just a result of historical evolution). The variable it uses to figure out which key was pressed is last-command-event.

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