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Play sound when changing checkbox state in Org Mode?

Inspecting the +org/dwim-at-point function, we find that it uses org-toggle-checkbox. Therefore, we can simply advise that function to add the play sound functionality as follows: (defun org-toggle-...
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delete prettify symbol

You might (or might not) want to customize user option prettify-symbols-unprettify-at-point. From the documentation: If non-nil, show the non-prettified version of a symbol when point is on it. If ...
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delete prettify symbol

It's pretty easy: such "prettified symbols" have start/end of their region stored in text properties. So you basically just query that and if it's non-nil, then you know you're dealing with &...
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Is there an equivalent to sed-style substitution commands from vim?

Nine years late, but I was looking for something like this, too. I wanted to be able to run sed-style regex commands in emacs the way I do from the ex command line in vim. evil-mode's ex-like ...
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How to unindent after Org list

As it seems you are not using a list key character. The Screenshot indicates a nested heading but no list (ordered or unordered) at all. If you are below a heading there is no possibility to have text ...
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