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define a new evil command

You can use the evil-define-operator macro for that. However, your command would not work well with the w operator, use the e operator instead. Also, the command must be modified a little to work well ...
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How to access os clipboard using Emacs + Evil

For people trying this on macOs, I used pbcopy.el. I realize this question was for Windows, but I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work on macOs, so sharing what I used. To use your system’s ...
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change environment in evil-tex

From the documentation, the environment keymap for multiline* is M. So for example from inside your equation environment in evil-normal-state, you can change the equation environment to multiline* ...
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Is there a table of Evil keys for Dired?

I found it more helpful to approach this the other way around - what are the conflicts between Evil and Dired? If we with Dired buffers in Evil's motion state (you can get this to be the default with (...
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