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This can be achieved with the package org-superstar-mode. Previously there was another package org-bullets which is no longer maintained. This seems to be the successor.


See org-headline-done. Documentation: Face used to indicate that a headline is DONE. This face is only used if `org-fontify-done-headline' is set. If applies to the part of the headline after the DONE keyword. IOW you have to set org-fontify-done-headline to nil.


Following @lawlist advise, using :box attribute for mode-line-inactive made it. The mode lines images shown in the question are from inactive frames. The second image shows an inactive frame with a mode line that does not render the straight lines. Using: (set-face-attribute 'mode-line-inactive nil :box t) renders the straight line with foreground color: ...


Found the bug and fixed it here.

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