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You might try customizing one or both of these image-dired options (the text is what you get with C-h v). image-dired-thumb-relief - Size of button-like border around thumbnails. image-dired-thumb-margin - Size of the margin around thumbnails. This is where you see the cursor. There are many other image-dired options, some of which might also help you more ...


This works for me. (defface pandoc-citation-face '((t :foreground "yellow")) "Face for pandoc citation syntax") (font-lock-add-keywords nil '(("\\[@.+?\\]" 0 'pandoc-citation-face)))


I am not a fan on my approach, but I ended up redefining (org-fontify-meta-lines-and-blocks-1). I am posting the idea here : (defun org-fontify-meta-lines-and-blocks-1 (limit) "Fontify #+ lines and blocks." (let ((case-fold-search t)) (when (re-search-forward "^\\([ \t]*#\\(\\(\\+[a-zA-Z]+:?\\| \\|$\\)\\(_\\([a-zA-Z]+\\)\\)?\\)[ \t]*\\(\\([^ \...

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