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Just remove the strike-throughs in lines 3839-3842 of dired+.el, to give (defface diredp-omit-file-name ;; (if (assq :inherit custom-face-attributes) ; Emacs 22+ '((((background dark)) (:inherit diredp-ignored-file-name)) (t (:inherit diredp-ignored-file-name))) Either rename the file or make a note of the change so you're not ...


Add (setq frame-background-mode 'dark) to ~/.emacs.d/init.el


What you call the bottom bar is the "mode line". I recommend reading the first fews sections of the manual, especially this one to know the names of the various screen elements (this is not difficult at all, but not straightforward for newcomers.) The graphical attributes of text in emacs are grouped in "faces". As mentionned in the manual: By default, ...

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