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Doom Emacs - `custom-theme-set-faces` not working for `org-level-n` faces

I finally found the solution on doom emacs discourse, I was going for an overly complicated approach, but I still cannot find the solution in the documentation, so this might be useful to someone ...
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Different fonts for buffer, minibuffer and modeline

To get this do this (require 'subr-x) (require 'seq) (require 'face-remap) (defface default-text '((t :family "Comic Sans MS")) "Face for regular text." :group 'basic-...
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Changing the color of items in org-mode agenda (depending on keyword/tag)

I recently returned to this question and solved it with the help of user yantar92 on the orgmode subreddit. I'll post the solution in case anyone wants to do something similar: (defface org-agenda-cal-...
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My default face only supports one size

Terminus is a bitmap font; it only supports specific sizes. If you want a font that can scale to any arbitrary size, find a vector (TrueType or OpenType) font that you like. From the package ...
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Nonbreakable space font

I've found a partial solution. I customized face-font-family-alternatives to contain this additional tuple: ("monofur" "Latin Modern Mono Light") The font has the same width as ...
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