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In Magit, is it possible to know when an unstaged change happened? How to find that information?

Unstaged changes have not been committed yet. Neither magit or git has any idea of when the changes happened, they only see the file is different to what was committed. You can check the modification ...
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Is it necessary to save buffers as files in order to use command highlight-compare-buffer?

Not too sure what you're asking, but C-h f highlight-compare-buffers says this, in part: If either buffer is modified and is visiting a file, you are prompted to save the file. Unless the buffer is ...
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How can I ignore non-existing files in a fixed custom tags-search?

Filter the list with file-exists-p before passing it to tag-search to ignore non-existent files. (defvar my-files-form '("/path/to/one/file" "/path/to/another/file")) (defun ...
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How to comment or uncomment the same lines of code in multiple files at once?

I think functionality that comes closest to what you ask for, is provided via the wgrep package, optionally combined with some other package like iedit or multiple-cursors.el. You can search the web ...
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