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Try (defconst trigger-zone-highlights '(("trigger-zone" (0 '(face trigger-zone-face keymap trigger-zone-map)))))


Indeed, the last font-lock rule still matches, and of its 3 highlighting instructions, the first (that which highlights the opening $) won't be applied because this chars has already been highlighted by the first rule, but the other 2 highlighting instructions are still applied because that part of the text hasn't been highlighted yet. There are also "...


AUCTeX fontifies all control words: For known ones (added in font-latex.el or via AUCTeX style files), it uses different classes (e.g., warning, function, textual etc.) and for unknown ones, it simply uses the font-latex-sedate-face which defaults to Foreground: DimGray. You can customize this face if you want a different appearance. There is no ...


Just remove the strike-throughs in lines 3839-3842 of dired+.el, to give (defface diredp-omit-file-name ;; (if (assq :inherit custom-face-attributes) ; Emacs 22+ '((((background dark)) (:inherit diredp-ignored-file-name)) (t (:inherit diredp-ignored-file-name))) Either rename the file or make a note of the change so you're not ...

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