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How can I override character ranges in 'default font'?

Emacs will ignore a fontset configured for characters in the symbol script that can be displayed by the default face's font, unless you set use-default-font-for-symbols to nil. C-h v use-default-font-...
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Setting default font to Inconsolata doesn’t work in Emacs 29/macOS

I’m not sure where I originally got Inconsolata from; you can find it at Raph Levien’s site, downloadable in OpenType (.otf) format. Drew suggested I look here and here, and the conclusion is that it’...
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How to fix font on start page in spacemacs?

If can't show right font icons in Doom Emacs, run M-x nerd-icons-install-fonts
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Different fonts for buffer, minibuffer and modeline

To get this do this (require 'subr-x) (require 'seq) (require 'face-remap) (defface default-text '((t :family "Comic Sans MS")) "Face for regular text." :group 'basic-...
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Cannot rescale frame font

First thing to try is a different font (family). IOW, check whether this breakage is general or specific to terminus. Text scaling works differently from the font-enlarging code you show. If text-...
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