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Your C-h f is not the standard C-h f (M-x describe-function), describe-function doesn't provide "References ..." information at all. To find the source of apply, use C-h f apply, it will say apply is a built-in function in `src/eval.c'. src/eval.c will be clickable, then click it to go to the source. If you didn't install Emacs from the source code by ...


A simple example: (defun hello-world () "Insert \"Hello World!\"." (interactive) (insert "Hello World!\n"))


You need to distinguish between a common function and an interactive command. The latter is also a function, but with the addition of (interactive) to its body. You can run the latter, but not the former, by binding commands to keys or calling them by name via M-x. See the elisp manual links above more more details.

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