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In Magit how can I see the difference a commit make to a file?

In the list of changed files, press j on the file you want to jump to. It invokes magit-jump-to-diffstat-or-diff which does exactly what you need.
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Magit remove local branches that were merged into another branch

Here's what I use: (defun my-magit/delete-merged-branches () (interactive) (magit-fetch-all-prune) (let* ((default-branch (read-string "Default branch: " (magit-get-current-...
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What is the equivalent of doing `git reset <file>` / `git reset` with the shipped vc?

If you want to just undo the changes, go with C-x v u. This is all you need for all practical purposes. For sophisticated things, there is always magit. vc-revert is an autoloaded interactive ...
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