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Anoter useful option is the git-identity package. From its README: This Emacs package lets you manage local Git identities, i.e. and options in .git/config, inside Emacs. It can be useful if you satisfy all of the following conditions: - You have multiple Git identities on the same machine(s). - You use Emacs. - You (almost ...


you can do this with one-time git configuration. you can use it for email and so on, but also for using a different ssh key: in ~/.gitconfig: [includeIf "gitdir:~/work/"] path = .gitconfig_work in ~/.gitconfig_work: [user] email = … [core] sshCommand = ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_…_work -o 'IdentitiesOnly yes' explanation: this makes git use another configuration,...


C-x v v will take you to commit. Write the commit, save the commit and the file will be added automatically.


To merge only a particular file I can [use git checkout] from command line: This does not perform a merge. This does not only apply the changes from the other branch, it also discards changes that have been made on your branch since the other branch diverged. I want to merge only specific changes from the log Show the diff appropriate changes. For each ...


Use x or X s to do so. Using the X prefix has the benefit that it shows you all the available git reset variants. This is also documented in the Resetting section of the manual.

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