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As usual, Gnus has a configuration variable for this: message-shoot-gnksa-feet, which you can M-x customize to enable the multiple-copies feature.


There is a easy and generic solution. You are actually calling message-send which calls y-or-n-p to ask you confirm. So you want to automatically answer "Yes" when being asked the question "Already sent message via mail; resend? (y or n)". Here is code, (defvar my-default-yes-no-answer nil "Usage: (setq my-default-answer '(t . \"question1 pattern\"))"...


See Quoted from article, Move focus over the attachment and press Enter or M-x gnus-article-press-button. The variable mailcap-mime-data defines the program to open the attachment. You can tweak the variable on Windows or macOS. On Linux, run M-...

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