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Besides the options mentioned in phils answer, you can use shell-command-on-region for this. Select the region you'd like to 'filter' first. When prefixed with a universal argument C-u, the sent text gets replaced (you can read its docstring for more info). I don't know your exact usecase, but generally swiper or helm-swoop provide similar and generally more ...


I want the text not matching the pattern to be gone M-x keep-lines will delete lines not matching the pattern (i.e. only keep the lines which match). flush-lines does the opposite, deleting lines which do match the pattern. M-x occur will open a separate buffer showing only the matching lines (which you can use like a compilation error buffer to navigate ...


I don't see a feature like that in helm-grep. But you should achieve the desired result with a function like this one (defun my/jump-next-grep-result () (interactive) (other-window 1) (next-logical-line) (helm-grep-mode-jump-other-window-forward 1) (other-window -1))

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