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You can use the following function to accomplish that (defun execute-with-helm (command) (if helm-mode (call-interactively command)) (progn (helm-mode 1) ;; We call `unwind-protect' to ensure that `helm-mode' is ;; disabled even though `command' doesn't complete normally. ;; ;; Without `unwind-protect', if the user presses =C-g= ...


I'm on Spacemacs & am not sure whether this is specific or "universal", but checked at Helm Do Ag's Help: Previewing an item (search result line): C-S-j/C-S-down helm-follow-action-forward -- select next line and preview C-S-k/C-S-up helm-follow-action-backward -- select previous line and preview C-i <not stated in help> -- preview ...


For a more persistent solution, you can customize the variable helm-boring-buffer-regexp-list and remove the regexes you want so the Helm result buffers stays in your buffer list


It is called helm-follow-mode. According to Helm documentation (C-h m from inside an Helm buffer): When helm-follow-mode is on (C-c C-f to toggle it), moving up and down Helm session or updating the list of candidates will automatically execute the persistent-action as specified for the current source. If helm-follow-mode-persistent is non-nil, the state ...

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