Hugo is a very fast static site generator written in Go. It is popular among Emacs bloggers due to its excellent support of Org Mode, supporting writing posts and pages in pure Org Mode format. There is also the very popular ox-hugo package that translates Org Mode to Markdown using the Org export framework.

Hugo is a fast and flexible static site generator. It is implemented in the Go programming language, but does not require any expertise in Go.

Static site generators allow the content creator to maintain everything in plain text, as opposed to a Content Management System (CMS) such as Wordpress

The two primary ways to use Hugo with Emacs are:

  1. Simply write all content in Org Mode format. Hugo incorporates extensive Org Mode support in the framework itself. This method simply adds another format in addition to Markdown and uses the standard flags and properties used by Hugo.

  2. Write content in Org Mode and publish it as Markdown format using the ox-hugo package available on MELPA. This method supports putting multiple content posts and pages in a single Org Mode file. Flags and properties are largely translated to native Org Mode concepts such as setting TODO/DONE states on a subtree associated with a post.