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There is a command line interface to Google Calendar called gcalcli. You can install it using pip: pip install gcalcli In order to import calendar files, gcalcli requires the vobject library to be installed: pip install vobject The first time you run gcalcli, it will launch a web browser in order to obtain an oauth token, which it will save in ~/....


In conjunction with the assistance of the original poster in the comments above, here is the final solution: (defun org-icalendar-open-ics-file (file) (start-process "org-icalendar-open-ics-file-process" nil "open" "-a" "/Applications/" file)) (add-hook 'org-icalendar-after-save-hook 'org-icalendar-open-ics-file)


Thanks for mentioning org-mac-iCal and I found someone forked and update the repo, here is the new repo link: I tested and it worked. Although I don't know why a certain calendar did not show even I specified the name of it.


Here are the settings I use for diary loaded into org-mode. You need to get urls for the apple calendars you want to show in org. I found the discussion by Adolfo Villafiorita very helpful. You'll also probably want to set up some sort of script to automate checking your calendars for new entries. I think the easiest way to do this is to run a script for ...

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