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iedit vs. multiple-cursors

I never used iedit extensively, so I could be unaware of some of its features, but basically iedit is a more interactive search and replace: you can select occurrences of a string in some scope (...
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how to insert tab while in iedit-mode

Use quoted-insert, bound to C-q by default. It'll insert the next key literally, without triggering any other functions bound to that key. So you'd say C-q TAB to get what you want.
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How fast remove selected text

Put point into one of the iedit-occurrences and press M-D (Meta key, shift key, and D key). That key sequence runs the command iedit-delete-occurrences that deletes all occurrences selected by iedit. ...
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iedit: replace from line to the end down

narrow the region you want to edit ( Then use iedit as usual You can also iedit-toggle-selection to toggle certain selections ...
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