for Emacs support (edit, display, etc.) of images (e.g., jpeg, png, svg). For questions about image metadata, use the tag 'image-mode.

Displaying image (i.e. picture) files such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, PostScript, SVG, etc. in Emacs.

Emacs has extensive support for images for displaying, editing, searching, file management, image caching, etc. If Emacs was compiled with support for the ImageMagick library, it can use ImageMagick to render a wide variety of images. For thumbnails, Emacs uses the Image-Dired package.

Emacs has a separate for editing images and image metadata.

Unrelated to and is the , which is for editing ASCII art, tables, and aligning text columns.

Use the appropriate combination of tags, and describe which image operations or packages, if any, pertain to your question.