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C/C++ mode aggresive auto indent

For listing all active modes press [C-h m]. Ensure, that these modes are disabled: Aggressive-Indent (local and global); Electric-Indent (local and global). Turn off this modes and check Emacs ...
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Indenting LaTeX code for \if \else \fi statements

It needs more tweaking than the code in the question as you can see in this commit. At any rate, this feature is available in AUCTeX OOTB and if you mark this example: \ifx\condition \dosomething \...
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How to change java file behaviour to use 2 character indentation

Check c-basic-offset, c-default-style, and c-style-alist. The default style for java is: ("java" (c-basic-offset . 4) (c-comment-only-line-offset 0 . 0) (c-offsets-alist (inline-open . 0) (...
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How can I control the indentation inserted by Emacs because I used the tab key?

C-h f indent-tabs-mode tells you: Indentation can insert tabs if this is non-`nil`. So if you want TAB chars then leave the default value as t. Does indent-tabs-mode nil change tabs to spaces? No, ...
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