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Can't get rid of scratch buffer at startup for Emacs 26.3

Using window-buffer-change-functions I finally got rid of *scratch*. (defun buffer-change-hook (frame) (unless (string-equal (buffer-name (current-buffer)) "*scratch*") (kill-buffer &...
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M-x compile fortran

For free-form Fortran code (F90, F95, and newer), Emacs uses f90-mode so I'd say that you can simply copy and adjust your code for f90-mode-hook. Edit: I just tried the following (wrapped in use-...
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Why does emacs not load full configuration until `load-file` is called?

IIUC your question is about tab-width. This variable is automatically buffer-local (as indicated by C-h v tab-width), meaning that whenever it is set in a buffer it acquires a buffer-local value. ...
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How do I set a different location for the dot emacs .emacs file on Windows 7?

Just define HOME in Windows Environment Variables. Recent versions of Emacs for windows will assume that automatically.
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project specific init file

I know this is an old question, with an accepted answer. I found this entry, because I had the same question. I also agree that EditorConfig is attractive in team-contexts, but that is not relevant ...
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How to start emacs with a custom user-emacs-directory

Old post but here is the answer: Most people recommend --init-directory which does not work because you will have conflicts with eln cache. The solution is to symlink to to ~/.emacs.d and ~/.config/...
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