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I use this (and in keeping with the MS Windows key for reverting I bind it to <f5>). It's similar to what you're using, but not quite the same. I've been using it for a l o n g t i m e . (defun revert-buffer-no-confirm () "Revert buffer without confirmation." (interactive) (revert-buffer t t))


I believe you can set "revert-without-query" to t.


You're confusing the echoing of the return value by M-: with the action of M-x. M-: expressly evaluates a sexp and prints the resulting value. M-x invokes a command. Your command does not, itself, print or echo or otherwise display its return value. If you want your command to echo the value, then use function message: (when (region-active-p) (let ((val (...

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