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Maybe something like this: (defun change-dict-and-ispell () (interactive) (ispell-change-dictionary "en_GB") (ispell-message)) (global-set-key (kbd "C-c s e") 'change-dict-and-ispell)


To help answer this question, we can perform the following steps: Load the flyspell.el library by typing M: aka M-x eval-expression, and then (require 'flyspell) Locate the source code for the function flyspell-prog-mode by typing: M-x find-function RET flyspell-prog-mode RET Step two leads us to the source code of the function flyspell-prog-mode, which ...


A few points here. When you say "I have tried the functions named on the comments here, namely ispell-find-hunspell-dictionaries and it seems that I do not have that function or I do not know how to access it," I'm guessing you are trying to do something with it in your initialization file. However, since this function is not autoloaded, you have to (...

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