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Nathaniel Nicandro has recently released his emacs package jupyter to further integrate org-mode with jupyter. As mentioned in the readme: emacs-jupyter extends the features of ob-ipython by integrating more with org-mode and providing a better REPL interface to the kernel.


Check out ob-ipython: An Emacs library that allows Org mode to evaluate code blocks using a Jupyter kernel (Python by default), it might be what you are looking for. Run code on remote ipython kernels with Emacs and orgmode provides a basic example using exactly that library, and there are more related articles on that site as well.


On my system, this error happens because my jupyter installation is based on python3, while python-shell-interpreter in emacs is python. This can be fixed by running M-S-: (setq python-shell-interpreter "python3"). You can put this command in your init file if you only use python3. For those on Debian/Ubuntu, this can also be fixed by installing python2.7 ...


Solved by rasmus, with kudos: (org-export-get-tags (org-export-get-parent-headline src-block) info '("invalid" "tags") t) (or, in detail, to also consider the option to use an attribute in the src-block itself): (let* ( (tags (org-export-get-tags (org-export-get-parent-headline src-block) info '("invalid" "tags") t)) (skipslide (or (member ...

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