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How add Evil keybindings to Magit, without removing all Magit prefix-keys

Transients activate their own keymaps. The Modifying Existing Transients section of the transient manual describes how to extend existing transients. Unfortunately, it generally takes quite some ...
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On installing a handler for SIGUSR1

Could someone explain when and why one would choose one of these approaches over the other? Use the 1st one. See bug#65577: Eli Zaretskii: Stefan, it sounds like the ... example is some left-over ...
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Configuring Key-bindings from Org-Table

How tables are passed to Emacs Lisp code blocks Here's a toy example table with column headers, an hline separating the headers from the body and cells that contain strings - very much like the table ...
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Why does emacs-29 translates meta to meta+hyper ("M-somekey" to "H-M-somekey")?

Very likely an incompatibility of xkb and xmodmap: xkb defines modifiers but xmodmap does not override them completely (even with clear Mod1 or so). E.g. when your xmodmap assigns a key to Mod4 and ...
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query-replace, add a "skip to next" in lambda function

The solution is built-in in query-replace-regexp: (defun fix-mult-punct-before-footnote () "Scope: FOOTNOTE Description: Fixes repeated/multiple punctuation before the \\footnote macro." ...
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Safe way to rebind a key for only the duration of a function

set-transient-map is a native-compiled Lisp function in ‘subr.el’. (set-transient-map MAP &optional KEEP-PRED ON-EXIT MESSAGE TIMEOUT) Set MAP as a temporary keymap taking precedence over other ...
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How do I assign Ctrl-C Ctrl-D to menu Python/Debugger in my ~/.emacs file?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky! (define-key desired-keymap-here (kbd "your key here") 'preferred-command-here) It’s just a fill–in–the blank madlib. You ...
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Emacs calling unbound key sequence `C-c @` a "non-prefix key"

The problem was that I was trying to edit the wrong mode map. (define-key outline-mode-map (kbd "C-c @ TAB") 'outline-cycle) was not working (let alone (define-key org-mode-map (kbd "C-...
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