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How to keybind an org-capture template with use-package?

This should do the trick: (use-package org-capture :bind ("C-c m" . (lambda () "Open tmp capture window" (interactive) (org-capture nil "t&...
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How to bind a tag addition with a key?

(use-package notmuch :config (defun mda/add-trash-tag-search() (interactive) (if (member "...
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How do I completely re-define the menubar in 28.2

I know this is a bit late but this is actually very do'able. You just needed the car of the menu item you want to delete. There are a few ways to find it but I like to use lookup-key to just dump the ...
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Can packages rebind keys globally?

Yes. That violates Emacs-Lisp coding conventions, but nothing other than convention prevents a package from creating or changing global key bindings. To figure out what package (or whatever else) ...
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Can't bind key for Buffer List in evil mode

I suggest to use use-package package for easier configuration of your init.el file. At the beginning of init.el file, after configuring package-archives, place this: (unless (package-installed-p 'use-...
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Equivalent of describe-key for prefix keys?

I found the answer which I will post here in case it is useful for someone else. The solution is to evaluate describe-key with the prefix key as an argument, rather than calling it interactively: M-: (...
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