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5 votes

How to bind a key-chord to the `C-c` prefix?

I believe I found the solution: (key-chord-define-global "cc" 'null) (define-key key-translation-map (kbd "<key-chord> cc") (kbd "C-c"))
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4 votes

Why is `key-chord-mode` not listed among enabled minor modes?

key-chord-mode seems to be an older piece of source code. It works without the define-minor-mode facilities. Those things happen with the introduction of new features, and if the author does not ...
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2 votes

spacemacs and key chording

You may not be installing it using Spacemacs conventions. You should add key-chord to dotspacemacs-additional-packages in dotspacemacs/layers. dotspacemacs-additional-packages may already be present ...
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How to bind a key-chord to the `C-c` prefix?

A slightly modified solution from @WickedJargon when two different characters are used as key-chords: (key-chord-define-global "qd" 'null) (define-key key-translation-map (kbd "<key-...
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Key-chord mode and Evil

Recall that for nearly any package what keys trigger what action is resolved by looking it up in the active keymap, falling back to less specific ones if the key couldn't be looked up. key-chord.el ...
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