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Text to keep needs parenthesis. That works here: M-x query-replace-regexp RET $\\alert{\(.+\)}.* RET \1 RET From a program use re-search-forward and replace-match


I've met the same problem. The only way I've found is to redefine the function that handles that part of the export and to put it as a emacs-lisp source block at the beginning of my org file. Here is what I did: (defun org-latex--caption/label-string (element info) "Return caption and label LaTeX string for ELEMENT. INFO is a plist holding contextual ...


TeX-run-compile runs the make process not in the current buffer but in the *compilation* buffer. That is the reason why TeX-command-sequence does not find the running make process. It cannot set its sentinel for the make process. That sentinel would start the next command in the command sequence. Use TeX-run-TeX instead of TeX-run-compile. With TeX-run-TeX ...

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