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Working with LaTeX documents, LaTeX coding, and LaTeX source blocks in other documents.

LaTeX is a document preparation system that uses macros with the TeX engine for producing scientific or technical books and articles of typeset quality.

Use tag for general questions about working with LaTeX documents in Emacs. Other tags may also be applicable depending on the question and specific feature or mode of Emacs. For example, there are many modes for working with LaTeX documents, three of the common ones are:

  • The basic tex-mode package included in GNU Emacs. Use the tag for questions pertaining to this mode.
  • The complete AUCTeX third-party package (included in XEmacs). AUCTeX provides advanced features, including syntax highlighting, completion macros in third-party packages, better support for complex compilations, preview of math equations. Use the tag for questions about AUCTeX.
  • For questions about LaTeX in org-mode, use the appropriate org tag as well. For example, for LaTeX exports, use .

For questions about (La)TeX and companion tools unrelated to Emacs, consult TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange as well.